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Imperial Auction Block Help Pages

1.0 Auctions
1.1 How do auctions work?
1.2 How do I place a bid?
1.3 When do the auctions end/What about sniping?
1.4 How do I know the condition of the items being auctioned?
1.5 Bid Increments
1.6 Minimum Bids
1.7 Currencies USD/Koku?
1.8 Proxy Bidding

2.0 Accounts
2.1 How do I create an account?
2.2 Account Types and Seller Registration
2.3 Privacy Policy
2.4 Do you send SPAM/UCE email?
2.5 How do I change my email address?
2.6 Feedback, References, and User Rating

3.0 Legal Stuff / History
3.1 About the IAB
3.2 Terms of Service

4.0 Selling
4.1 Listing everything from a particular buyer
4.2 Envelope Maker
4.3 How much money can I make?
4.4 Automatic Shipping Calculation

5.0 Paid Account Benefits *Now free (9/2015)
5.1 Unlimited Auctions
5.2 Mass Set Sell
5.3 Personal Email (future)
5.4 Store Front (New 11/25/07)
5.5 Templates (new 6/2007)
5.6 Relisting of items (new 6/2007)

6.0 Miscellaneous
6.1 Can I pay people in cash?
6.2 Does it cost anything to auction?
6.3 Can I make a donation?
6.4 What browsers does IAB support?
6.5 How can I help spread the word about IAB?

7.0 Contact Us
7.1 Email
7.2 facebook
7.3 Discord

8.0 Notes on specific games
8.1 Legend of the Burning Sands

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