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2.2 Account Types and Seller Registration
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Seller Registration
This allows you to put up auctions for sale. The purpose of seller registration is to help prevent scamming and fraud. Each seller registration is checked by hand and proof of a valid mailing address is required. Sellers are also checked against the GAB bad traders list to make sure they are not professional scam artists. Because of the need for hand checking, a small one-time fee is charged. This fee only happens once, and will not be charged again for the duration of your account.
Current Fee for Registration: $5
Limitations: A regular seller has a limit to the number of auctions running at any one time, which is currently 5 simultaneous auctions.
Paid Account
A paid account is not necessary to sell auctions, but with a paid account, there is no limit to the number of auctions you can have running at any one time. Paid sellers also have access to more sellers tools (Click here for a full list of the benefits of a paid account).
Current Rates: $5/month, $30/year
Note: If you register as a seller and pay for a paid account at the same time, there is a %20 discount (one time only, and only when you first register your seller account).
How to register?
Seller registration and paid accounts are located in the side menu in My Account
(Click here to register for a seller account)
How are seller registrations verified?
There are several things checked for seller registration.
Address Verification
A seller's address is verified. This is done by a few different ways:
  • The payment coming from a Paypal account with a verified address matching the address on the IAB account.
  • The address matching an address of someone I have traded with previously. (See Mahasamatman's trading site)
  • If nothing else, I will send a letter to the address listed with a secret code the recipient can use to enable the account.
Scammer check
  • The Good Against Bad traders list is checked to make sure the person is not a known scammer.
  • Web searches on the name/email to see if anything bad comes up.
These checks are done on a best effort basis. We cannot guarantee that scammers do not get in, but we try to keep them out.
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