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4.2 Envelope Maker
(tag: envelope)

I have created an envelope maker that will let me print out a clear address on regular paper, then fold it around a toploader to make a very protected easy mailer.

To use the Envelope Maker, go here.
You will have to have a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, as the Envelope Maker creates a PDF.

Folding Diagram:

  1. Place envelope face down on flat surface.
  2. Use cellophane tape to tape toploader into middle of envelope (opposite the address). Use one piece of tape for each of all 4 sides to ensure postal machinery does not rip toploader out of the envelope with a catch.
  3. Fold long sides of paper in halfway (fold 1 on diagram)
  4. Fold top corners in (fold 2)
  5. Fold bottom corners in (fold 3)
  6. Fold top down
  7. Fold bottom up
  8. Tape the 5 edges that are now showing. (one horizontal next to the imperialblock web address, then 4 diagonals)
  9. That's it

I have found over the years that securing the cards in the envelope works much better than having a toploader loose. A loose toploader tends to catch in the postal machinery and rip out of the envelope.

Also note that if you are using more cards that can fit in a toploader (about 4 if you are careful), the thickness is such that you should probably use a bubble mailer.

If you have any feedback, praise, or suggestions about the mailer, you can contact the author at (who is also the author of the Imperial Auction Block):

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