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Imperial Auction Block Help Pages

5.5 Templates (new 6/2007)
(tag: paidbenefits)

Ability to create custom templates that apply to some or all auctions to make them look a cut above everyone else with little work.

This also lets you set up specific templates to perform repetitive auctions quickly without hassle.

Auto/Default templates are selected as the default if it is the first one defaulted in the list when you go through the sell list. Selecting a template that has a specific item associated will short-circuit the item selector.
Here is the ordering system:

  1. game matched, auction type matched (singles), specific item matched
  2. game matched, auction type matched, no specific item set
  3. game matched, auction type not set
  4. gametype matched, game not set
  5. gametype and game not set
  6. generic template (auction_title and user_signature
The Template contents should contain an HTML body that is the content of the auction.

In addition, you can specify a few things that are substituted when the auction is created.
(Or when the item is viewed in a storefront)

Here is the current list of substitutions:

(applies to singles) Name of the item in the database
(applies to singles) Rarity of the item in the database
(applies to singles) Edition of the item in the database
(applies to singles) Picture of the item in the database
The short game name (L5R)
The long game name (Legend of the Five Rings)
short/long category game is under
your normal signature
Quantity setting from the auction
Title of the auction
If what you are looking for is not here, just ask, we can probably add it.

Normal Default title (singles):

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