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3.1 About the IAB
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In early 1999, Chris Bergstrom wrote the original version of the IAB and hosted it on his personal account. (Note: Chris is no longer affiliated with the IAB)

The name and most of the original graphics were done by Roger Giner-Sorolla. He also thought up and maintained the Tao Jones (until it became a technical problem to keep it going).

Don Eisele helped Chris with the original code (and the first rewrite). In mid-1999, Don started doing all most all of the development. When Chris quit the game (the second time he quit, anyway), official ownership was passed to Don.

In early 2001, Don got married and bought a house. Maintaining IAB became problematic for some time as Don had no free time at all. The load which the site was experiencing at this time was overwhelming, and a new solution was needed. (There were about 3000 users at this time).

... three seperate times, a full recode was started, then aborted as other things came up (usually accompanied with Don learning a new task, such as how to keep a house from flooding when it rains) ...

January 2007: A brand new IAB is here. It's bigger, better, and cooler than ever. It represents over a year of work.

February 2007: Milestone: 100+ Users Over 100 users have signed up as of today. 8 have registered as sellers.

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