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Welcome to my store. If you have any questions about my storefront or the IAB in general, don't hesitate to ask me.

I also offer a %5 discount on orders over $50, and a %10 discount on orders over $100 (automatically calculated at checkout).

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CategoryNameQty AvailPrice
CCG/L5R/Card Lots1 complete Emperor Edition common set (110 cards)4$4.50  
CCG/L5R/Card Lots1 complete Emperor Edition uncommon set (110 cards)5$15.00  
CCG/L5R/Card Lots1 complete set of AoD commons (50 cards)2$4.50  
CCG/L5R/Card Lots1 complete set of AoD uncommons (50 cards)1$10.00  
CCG/L5R/Card Lots1 complete set of SL (Shadowlands the set) commons (50 cards)7$3.00  
CCG/L5R/SinglesAkodo Dairuko (Full Bleed) - FullBleed - PromoEmpire33$5.00  
CCG/L5R/SinglesBayushi Nitoshi (Full Bleed) - FullBleed - PromoEmpire25$7.00  
CCG/L5R/SinglesDaigotsu Kanpeki -exp1 (Full Bleed) - FullBleed - PromoEmpire33$5.00  
CCG/L5R/SinglesDoji Makoto (Full Bleed) - FullBleed - PromoEmpire27$4.50  
CCG/L5R/SinglesHida Kisada (Emperor) (Full Bleed) - FullBleed - PromoEmpire21$5.00  
CCG/L5R/SinglesMirumoto Shikei (Full Bleed) - FullBleed - PromoEmpire2$5.00  
CCG/L5R/SinglesMoto Naleesh (Full Bleed) - FullBleed - PromoEmpire31$5.00  
CCG/L5R/Card LotsOne Complete set of Evil Portents Commons (56 cards)3$2.50  
CCG/L5R/Card LotsOne Complete set of Evil Portents Uncommons (50 cards)4$6.00  
CCG/L5R/SinglesRing of Earth (Full Bleed) - FullBleed - PromoEmpire5$21.00  
CCG/L5R/SinglesRing of Earth (Kanji) - FullBleed - PromoEmpire1$25.00  
CCG/L5R/SinglesRing of Fire (Full Bleed) - FullBleed - PromoEmpire1$21.00  
CCG/L5R/SinglesRing of Fire (Kanji) - FullBleed - PromoEmpire2$25.00  
CCG/L5R/SinglesRing of Water (Kanji) - FullBleed - PromoEmpire3$25.00  
CCG/L5R/SinglesShiba Tsukimi -exp4 (Full Bleed) - FullBleed - PromoEmpire20$5.00  
CCG/L5R/SinglesThe Deciding Moment (The Ascension of Iweko) - Promo - PromoEmpire6$12.00  
CCG/L5R/SinglesThe Deciding Moment (The Battle of the Gods) - Promo - PromoEmpire3$12.00  
CCG/L5R/SinglesThe Deciding Moment (The Birth of the Shadow Dragon) - Promo - PromoEmpire2$30.00  
CCG/L5R/SinglesThe Deciding Moment (The Celestial Court) - Promo - PromoEmpire2$80.00  
CCG/L5R/SinglesThe Deciding Moment (The Return of Kisada) - Promo - PromoEmpire2$150.00  
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Accepted Payments:

Google Wallet, Paypal, Check or Money order via mail, Western Union
Cash is only accepted at the buyer's risk.
I will consider certain power cards, complete sets, and LEGO in trade
If there are other ways you would like to pay, just let me know.

I have over 150, with 100% positive feedback in eBay

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