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quixoteUnited States flag
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Welcome to my store. If you have any questions about my storefront or the IAB in general, don't hesitate to ask me.

I also offer a %5 discount on orders over $50, and a %10 discount on orders over $100 (automatically calculated at checkout).

I have kids now and I have a lot less spare time than I used to have. I am still open and active selling cards, but I am commonly delayed 1-4 weeks getting cards out. If you need cards immediately, reach out to me on the Oracle of the Void discord (link on

Current Specials in All Categories
CategoryNameQty AvailPrice
CCG/L5R/SinglesAkodo Dairuko (Full Bleed) - FullBleed - PromoEmpire30$5.00 $4.50  
CCG/L5R/SinglesBayushi Nitoshi (Full Bleed) - FullBleed - PromoEmpire23$7.00 $6.30  
CCG/L5R/SinglesDaigotsu Kanpeki -exp1 (Full Bleed) - FullBleed - PromoEmpire31$5.00 $4.50  
CCG/L5R/SinglesDoji Makoto (Full Bleed) - FullBleed - PromoEmpire21$4.50 $4.05  
CCG/L5R/SinglesHida Kisada (Emperor) (Full Bleed) - FullBleed - PromoEmpire18$5.00 $4.50  
CCG/L5R/SinglesMoto Naleesh (Full Bleed) - FullBleed - PromoEmpire27$5.00 $4.50  
CCG/L5R/SinglesRing of Earth (Full Bleed) - FullBleed - PromoEmpire4$21.00 $18.90  
CCG/L5R/SinglesRing of Earth (Kanji) - FullBleed - PromoEmpire1$25.00 $22.50  
CCG/L5R/SinglesRing of Fire (Full Bleed) - FullBleed - PromoEmpire1$21.00 $18.90  
CCG/L5R/SinglesRing of Fire (Kanji) - FullBleed - PromoEmpire2$25.00 $22.50  
CCG/L5R/SinglesRing of Water (Kanji) - FullBleed - PromoEmpire3$25.00 $22.50  
CCG/L5R/SinglesShiba Tsukimi -exp4 (Full Bleed) - FullBleed - PromoEmpire17$5.00 $4.50  
CCG/L5R/SinglesThe Deciding Moment (The Ascension of Iweko) - Promo - PromoEmpire5$12.00 $10.80  
CCG/L5R/SinglesThe Deciding Moment (The Battle of the Gods) - Promo - PromoEmpire4$12.00 $10.80  
CCG/L5R/SinglesThe Deciding Moment (The Second Day of Thunder) - Promo - PromoEmpire1$6.00 $5.40  
CCG/L5R/SinglesYoritomo Hiromi (Full Bleed) - FullBleed - PromoEmpire37$5.00 $4.50  

If there are other ways you would like to pay, just let me know.

Also check out my eBay for Sealed Product, and other gaming materials. eBay

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